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LTF550HQ03 Datasheet

VDS = 10 V
f=l MHz
lo = 10 mA at Vc2s = 4 V I I
lo = 5 mA at VG2s = 4 V

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In the RV5VGlyyxseries, the overcharge/excessive discharge detector threshold, respective hysteresis ranges, short-circuit detector threshold and taping type can be selected at the user s request. The selection can be made by designating the part number as shown belows.
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*Notes : Stresses greater than those listed under "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operating sections of this specification is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect reliability.

C Collector capacitance IE = 0 A; VCB = 10 V; f= 1 MHz 80 pF
ts tf Switching times (16 kHz line deflection circuit) Turn-off storage time Turn-off fall time ICsat = 5.0 A; IBl = 1.0 A; (lB2 = -2.5 A) 3.2 0.35 4.3 0.48 c(S 0S
ts tf Switching times (64 kHz line deflection circuit) Turn-off storage time Turn-off fall time ICsat = 4.0 A; IBi = 0.8 A; (lB2 = -2.0 A) 1.9 0.17 c(S 0S

CT Termination Resistor The voltage drop across the CT termination resistor at rated current should be atleast 20mV. The CT's have low phase shift and a ratio of l:2500. The CT's are terminated with a 3.6Q resistor giving a voltage drop of 86.4mV across each termination resistor at rated conditions (lmax for the meter).

Parameter Symbol Conditions Ratings Unit
Recommended supply voltage Vcc 12 V
Recommended load resistance RL 4 I
Operating supply voltage range Vcc Op Within maximum ratings 5.0 t0 22 V
Operating load resistance range 2.7 t0 8 I

Test Limits
Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Max Units
ILI Input Load Current VIN = VIL, VIH +10
VIL Input Low Level -0.6 0.8 V
VIH Input High Level 2.0 Vcc+ 0.5 V
VOL Output Low Voltage IOL = 2.1 mA 0.4 V
VOH Output High Voltage IOH = -400 cCA 2.4 v
ICC2 Vcc Supply Current (Program and Verify) 25 mA
IPP2 VPP Current CE = VIL 25 mA
VID A9 Product Identification Voltage 11.5 12.5 V

Vnn= isv
50c I kHz 1 7 r
_ 7
iiJr I 111 20 kH I ii I I Z